A Stranger in the House was a buddy read with the gorgeous Gaby at GNTx. I had planned on getting to it much sooner but my ever growing TBR got in the way yet again.  It wasnt until we both saw it for sale on the Amazon Kindle store for 99p and knew it was time to get stuck in!

The synopsis on Goodreads

You’re waiting for your beloved husband to get home from work. You’re making dinner, looking forward to hearing about his day.

That’s the last thing you remember.
You wake up in hospital, with no idea how you got there. They tell you that you were in an accident; you lost control of your car whilst driving in a dangerous part of town.

The police suspect you were up to no good. But your husband refuses to believe it. Your best friend isn’t so sure. And even you don’t know what to believe . . .

Reading the synopsis I thought this book had great premise and I wasn’t wrong. The characters were really well written, and it was an easy read. I had a soft spot for the protagonists husband, as he seemed innocent and was totally out of control of the situation. Karen on the other hand, had me flipping between liking her, loving her, not convinced and really just all round confused. I wanted to like her but something was holding me back.

I enjoyed the short chapters and found I could fly through them once I was hocked. However I think it took me a little longer than most before I was fully invested.

The ending was perfectly written. Firstly I like how it ended, and secondly I appreciated how it was all wrapped up withing being cut short or dragged out.

I really enjoy how Lapena writes fun, easy, fast paced books without me having to take them too seriously. Yes a bit far fetched but I didn’t guess the twist and was thoroughly entertained throughout.

Now I wont lie, I liked Lapena’s debut novel “The Couple Next Door” slightly more, but in a very different way, which is why I ended up giving them the same rating. The Couple Next Door kept my attention throughout, but I wasn’t buzzing when it ended. Whereas A Stranger in the House lost my attention somewhere in the middle, but with a bit of persistence grabbed me again and I was gobsmacked with the ending.
Read my review of The Couple Next Door here.

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